Top 5 Things To Buy For Your New Bedroom In Dubai


Top 5 Things To Buy For Your New Bedroom In Dubai

As a relatively new resident of Dubai, you are still getting to grips with the pace of life and luxury of the city. Everything you need is within reach, and the infrastructure, social hotspots, restaurants and public recreation spaces are beyond excellent.

You are probably redecorating your house in Dubai to suit your tastes and needs. One of these decorating jobs entails making the bedroom more attractive than it already is. But you are a little worried about where to start! This article is just for you – read on for ideas and to get your creative juices flowing!

#1 Memory foam pillow and mattress.

The bed is the most important part of your room, and it often takes precedence over everything else. You’ve probably got a gorgeous four poster, or a sleek metal frame bed. Either way, your bed should be designed such that it provides maximum rest and security while in use. But here’s where most people slip up: they get an expensive bed frame and then buy the first mattress and pillows they come across. Indeed, most buyers spend more time choosing bed linen than they spend on buying the bed mattress. Don’t make this mistake – having comfortable and supportive mattress and cushions are vital for a good night’s sleep. We suggest getting a memory foam pillow and mattress. They mould to the contours of your body while you sleep, without changing spinal alignment. You can buy memory foam pillows and a mattress from leading stores in Dubai. Study the features and benefits before buying.

#2 Storage space behind the bed.

Every family has a lot of shared and personal possessions, and you’re always running out of storage space! This is a big problem in your bedroom. You have books, bags, shoes and other items lying around. You can try arranging them neatly, but they still look like clutter. Here’s a handy tip to clear up space in your room and put your possessions away safely – buy drawers for the space behind your bed, and under it as well. Instead of the headboard being flush with the wall, it could be mounted on a frame attached to the bed, while the space between the headboard and the wall can be used for installing channels and deep drawers. These drawers can hold practically everything. Here’s to a less cluttered room!

#3 Chandelier above the bed.

We’ve already mentioned that the bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom. Why not highlight it – literally – using a special light source above the bed? If your bedroom is spacious, we recommend installing a stunning chandelier above the bed. Not only does it become a glamourous light source, it also serves to illuminate without the need for other lights on elsewhere. When switched on, the bed will be bathed with soft yellow light while the rest of the room can be in shadows.

#4 Comfortable sofa chair.                            

You don’t use your bedroom only for sleeping. You sometimes like to sit on the bed with a book or browsing your phone, or stand at the window looking out at the world. Or you move around in the morning getting dressed, getting your things in order, etc. Why not add a plush sofa chair in one corner of the room? This can be a wonderful seating area for one, with its own lamp and footstool. Throw a rug over the chair’s back for cold winter nights, as you relax in your comfy chair with a cup of hot cocoa.

#5 Wall art.

Your bedroom is your private space away from the rest of the world. But there is no reason why it cannot have a dash of art and panache – make it more alluring, even if you and your partner are going to be the only ones to see it. Instead of leaving the walls bare, consider adorning them with stunning paintings, or quirky wall art ensembles. You can buy a set of canvases online based on certain themes and colours, or go for one large print. Make sure that if you are hanging a set of photos or paintings, their frames must be all be of the same colour and material.


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